Thursday, 4 June 2015

Fee Increase for Health Professionals

UNISON is asking MP’s to sign an Early Day Motion (EDM) which gives a voice to member’s opposition to the Health and Care Profession Council’s (HCPC) plans to increase fees by 12.5%.

The 330,000 health professionals, who will be affected by this change have no choice but to register with the council, are calling for this increase to be put on hold until the Health Select committee holds its annual accountability hearing.

Claire Campbell, UNISON West Midland Regional Manager and Political Lead, said:

“The proposed increase will have a significant impact on our members who have no choice but to pay the fee levied on them by the HCPC. The increase of 12.5% comes on top of  a 5% rise in 2014, this would mean a total increase of 17.5% in just 2 years.

The HCPC successfully increased its general reserves by nearly £1 million last year  but continues with little public or parliamentary Scrutiny.UNISON members have seen minimal pay rises and increased workloads over a number of years and are struggling to afford continued increase of this nature.

This motion (EDM41) simply asks for the planned increase to be put on hold until the health select committee has met and held its annual accountability hearing.”

UNISON is asking MPs from all sides of the house to sign the motion as well as table written or oral parliamentary questions.

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