Sunday, 25 November 2012

West Midlands Police branch win TUC award

There was well deserved success for the UNISON West Midlands Police branch at the Midlands TUC reps' awards night on Friday 23 November.

Jill Harrison and Mark Bittle from the branch were joint winners of the "Campaign of the Year" award for their hugely successful campaign against privatisation of the whole of the police staff functions at West Midlands Police. The award was jointly award to Jill and Mark from the UNISON branch and two activists from the Unite branch at West Midlands Police as the campaign was a joint and determined effort from both branches.

It was quite fitting that the award was presented on Friday 23 November, the day after Bob Jones, the newly elected Labour Police and Crime Commissioner announced, on his first day in office, that he was formally scrapping the privatisation plans.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Birmingham Diwali Celebrants say no to austerity

Over 270 people at the Birmingham Diwali celebrations on Sunday 18 November signed our anti-austerity postcards asking their local MP to lobby the government to end their damaging policy of austerity.

UNISON (West Midlands) are determined to take our camapign out in to all parts of our communities and it's clear from the event on Sunday when we do, we find lots of people support us.