Monday, 5 January 2015

Tom Watson MP says "Don't let the Tories kill off the NHS"

In yesterday's Sunday Mirror newspaper West Bromwich West MP Tom Watson penned an article titled "Don't let the Tories kill off the NHS" and quoted some UNISON research about the lack of pay rises for NHS workers

His article started:

The NHS is sick. Sick of being stripped, bullied and undervalued. Our most beloved national institution can’t survive another five years of Cameron. Another five years of cutbacks and crisis under his “care”.

This is the man who vowed he’d cut the deficit, not the NHS. Well, he lied.

The Tories plan to slash spending on public services to levels not seen since the 1930s. This would put us on an equal footing with Mexico and Korea, countries where up to half the health service is privately funded.

Our A&Es have just endured the biggest meltdown in history. A record number of patients waited more than four hours for emergency care before Christmas. This is one of more than a dozen care standards broken under Tory management.

And let’s not forget the silent heroes battling to keep the NHS together. From nurses to cleaners, they worked round the clock while many of us relaxed over Christmas and New Year. 

Tom's article is spot on and to read the rest of it go here.

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