Sunday, 20 January 2013

Opinion poll shows public increasingly blaming the coalition government for the cuts

An Ipsos MORI poll published on 18 January shows that the public increasingly blaming the coalition government for the cuts.

The tired old mantra from the Tory-led government that it was "the mess inherited from Labour" is beginning to wear thin, especially as people can see the choices this government is making. At the same time as attacking the Welfare State and public services the government are rather giving tax cuts to millionaires.

The graph above shows that public opinion has moved in the past nine months, but it also shows UNISON and all other people campaigning against these unfair cuts have more work to do to get more people to see the reality of who is to blame. We can't just assume because we know these cuts are unfair that other will too. We need to keep spreading the message. But at least this polling shows the message is getting through.

More info on the poll and the graph can be found on the Ipso MORI website here.

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